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Hey there! This is my TRAVEL LIST - places I'm itching to go to and wonderful places I've been to. I hope you enjoy the photos and the descriptions as much as I enjoyed taking and writing them. :)) Visit my other blog -- CLICK CLICK to visit!

----I recently decided to add photos about food and culture also. After all, what's travelling without learning a little about the people also, right?

I've been here on tumblr for quite some time now but it's my first time making a travel blog. If you have any comments/suggestions/questions about my posts... or anything in particular, feel free to LEAVE ME A MESSAGE!♥

OR if you don't like asking questions, SUBMIT stories about your travel adventures/mishaps! :)

♥ anna (5/19/11)

*I own most of the photos here except those on my Travel Wishlist. I put links to where I got all the photos and other stuff but if you have any copyright problem or anything, feel free to message me about it and I'd gladly take down anything that you feel shouldn't be here. :)

Touchdown! Off to a new adventure!

Can you guess where we landed? :)

… And it’s up!

How do you like my decals/lamp? So happy I found this!!

Materials for my next project: Maps, corkboards and push pins. Guess for what?? :) Stay tuned!

<3 Anna

Why not have a travel themed room?

I haven’t been traveling a lot lately because of my new job (cry). I’ve been in such a bad mood about it so imagine my excitement and surprise when I saw this decals and lamp set! It was super cheap too - only Php 750 or around $17! For all those based in Metro Manila, I bought these from the 2nd level of Tiendesitas. Sorry I forgot which stall it was - but it’ll be easy to find :)

Stay tuned to see it installed on my wall!!

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Pandanon Island, Bohol, Philippines

Crystal clear waters crashing from different directions as the tide comes in. Summer really is my favorite season. The sun, sand, and blue water - bliss. 

Pandanon Island, Bohol, Philippines

Right next to Cebu is the island of Bohol. I was actually surprised that the island next to our list is already considered part of Bohol. Well, at least we hit two places in one trip! 

Island Hopping in Cebu, Philippines

Crystal clear water indeed! ♥ Low tide + corals + seaweeds = perfect place to go snorkeling (our first stop for the day!)

Island Hopping in Cebu, Philippines

with the most awesome boat rental company, Islands Banca Cruises

Island Hopping in Cebu, Philippines

When going to Cebu, never miss island hopping. Cebu has some of the most beautiful islands in the world! To make your experience more memorable, hire one of Islands Banca Cruises' boats. This is the chicest bangka I’ve ever seen! All white, with clean beanbags and orange towels free for use. They even sell snacks on board. To top this all off, you can hook up your ipod on their sound system! Instant party under the sun while sailing along the blue-est waters I’ve ever seen! Do NOT miss this when you go to Cebu! :)